Stricty now under the banner of legacy applications fall Wave-To, ReSample Pro, and GMDisk.

Note: that these programs were written to work under Windows 3.1x, they were not updated to run under later versions of windows (95, 98, 2000 etc.). Some functions may work OK under these later versions, but many functions (particularly those associated with low-level Disk access) will not.

Wave-To was a shareware sample editing and translation program, written to work under Windows 3.1x

Unfortunately, shareware didn't really work for me. Although it was downloaded in large numbers, insufficient people registered it to make it worthwhile spending the time necessary to update it to work under more recent versions of Windows.

The program is no longer supported, but it can be downloaded from here.

ReSample Pro was essentially an updated version of Wave-To, released as a commercial application. It may still be possible to obtain copies of the program from the UK Distributors Et Cetera Distribution. Full details on the links page.

GMDisk was a small DOS utility written to facilitate the creation of image files from the GeneralMusic GEM series of synthesisers.

It can create image files from GEM S2 floppy disks, and can subsequently write image files back onto a GEM S2-formatted floppy disk, the idea being to facilitate the sharing and distribution of image files.

Freeware versions of the program are available for download in both English and German versions.

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