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(Florida) adopt a confident bold 'n' brassy persona with trumpet, flugelhorn and sax adding to their already deeply impressive sound. Innovative and intriguing - the sound of contemporary ceilidh music. Rock 'n' Reel 1998.

Those of us who have ranted and raved to their brazen driving rhythms will know why they are being booked at more and more bops....The band plays with the spontaneity born of hard work and preparation... Definitely a band to watch - and dance and listen to. Folk Roots 1993

A highly distinctive sound...Material is gleaned from all over the place... Great arrangements, wonderful sounds, good tunes - what more could you want ?. Shire Folk 1993.

(Brass Roots) somehow reconciles traditional English folk song with its apparent antithesis : brassy, big-band arrangements that recall Sausalito or New Orleans...Florida represent innovation in a genre which is widely assumed to be moribund. The Mix 1995

Here's a refreshing change, dance music without a drummer. ..The line-up is five musicians of consummate skill....Here are dancers playing for dancers and they know what they are doing. English Dance & Song 1993.

The style is original, dramatic, eminently dance-able and a superb example of what we've come to expect of folk-rock in the nineties. Folk on Tap 1993.

..brassy exuberance bubbles through over and over, again and again ...Florida get better every time I hear them and Brass Roots captures everything that makes them several cuts above the average ceilidh band. Folk Roots 1996

using sax and trumpets alongside fiddle, melodeon and standard rock instrumentation they create a sound that falls somewhere between the regalness of Home Service and the magnificence of Edward II Rock n Reel 1996

They play a fairly traditional set, but in an idiosyncratic style (Danse Macabre) is a well balanced collection of trad and original tunes. A very good CD - if you see it, buy it ! Shreds & Patches 1999

Florida have the confidence and musicianship to feature trumpet and saxophone as front line melody instruments Danse Macabre contains 11 good time, bouncy dance sets. Danse Macabre proves that Ceilidh bands can make interesting and varied instrumental albums. Shire Folk 1999

they manage to excel fusing the folk tradition with their own style incorporating brass (trumpets, cornet, horn, sax). (Danse Macabre is) A quite memorable album from one of the more appealing ceilidh outfits. Rock n Reel 1999

Contact :- Tim Bull. Marsh End, Mill Lane, Frittenden, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 2DR.
Telephone (01580) 852317; (Intl +44 1580 852317 ).


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