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The following are a rag-bag of assorted links to places to do with Ceilidh music and all things Floridaesque(!)

No folk or ceilidh web site would be complete without the obligatory link to Martin Kiff's Webfeet site, a semi-automatically generated site of cross-referenced links to bands, festivals and dance series.

We appear at a lot of them, so we might as well include a link to the Folk Roots Festivals list.

Assorted helpful folk-related websites include Folk and Roots

If you're wondering where those rather groovy maps came from on our Gig List page, then you ought to consult Multi media mapping though, truth be known, we actually now prefer streetmap because it's quicker, simpler and sometimes even has aerial photos of the place(!). There again, if you are desperate for an aerial view of the next venue you're playing in, try Get Mapping aerial photos of the whole of the country (or will have one day [Ed])

Hacking up the M1 in a transit and looking for somewhere to kip down for the night in some god-foresaken backwater? Then what you need is Smooth Hounds Hotel and Guest House directory. Want to know what the place is really like? Try the Knowhere Guide Er.... good for finding skateboard venues if nothing else(!)

If you haven't already got the RealAudio plug-in for your browser, then why not??? Get it from Here.

Simply the best Notation-based sequencer software on the planet. We make extensive use of Cakewalk Pro Audio for automating just about all aspects of our studio, from playing around with arrangements and printing score parts for distributing to band members, to hard disk recording, and automating mix-downs from our ADAT's.

With one current, and two ex-members of the Seven Champions playing in the band, we ought really to include a link to Seven Champions homepage, and to Richard Goodwin's own homepage

Gavin is an old hand at this Internet malarkey, so you might like to read some of his assorted ramblings on Chords, or have a wander round his Boat Design resources pages (Our Gav's a world class boat designer don'tcha know - it's official!).

Our Chris is a rather tasty artist, and has a couple of web sites where you can view examples of his work. Check out his homepage.

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