Er... This is the band

We know that you're simply itching to get hold of some examples of this stuff without going to all that tedious effort of paying for it so, just to be acommodating, the following are a few brief snippets of what it is that we do.

These are all recorded as MP3 files, at a variety of speeds / compression ratios. Making soundfiles for download via the Internet is always going to be a trade-off between size and quality.

Remember, CD's are available direct from the band.

From Untitled
Temperley / Off to California 2'02" 1.87Mb
Morgan rattler / Cock of the North 1'03" 992Kb
The Mill Mill O / Durham Rangers 1'12" 1.11Mb
The Cape John Waltz / Bonny George Campbell 0'39"" 613Kb
Marquis of Huntley's Reel / Love laughs at Locksmiths 0'50" 790Kb
From Danse Macabre
Kirkgate / Gilderoy 1'34" 736Kb
Frittenden Brass Band 1'43" 809Kb
Jacob or Enrico 1'38" 482Kb
The Random 1'59" 350Kb
Danse Macabre 1'03" 498Kb
Morning Star 0'56" 387Kb
Lars' Last Rites 1'17" 527Kb
From BrassRoots
Dory Boat 0'37" 293Kb
From Splitting the Night
Moscow Nights / Malin Plaisir 4'10"" 10Mb

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